The 41st Annual Conference of the International Association of Early Childhood Education

Rethinking Strengths and Challenges of Early Childhood Education in Japan

Conference chair's message

  The 41st annual conference of the International Association of Early Childhood Education (IAECE) will be hosted by Hiroshima University, Japan. We are honored to have this opportunity to host the IAECE conference for the first time.

  The conference’s theme is “Rethinking Strengths and Challenges of Early Childhood Education in Japan.” Given the trends of the time inside and outside Japan, we need to critically review our practices of Early Childhood Education (ECE). For instance, nationally, we find ourselves moving towards a new society, named “Society 5.0” by the Japanese government, where AI, big data, and robots become part of daily life. We should know what we expect for our ECE in order to create a human-centric society with high technologies where everyone leads a quality life. Viewed globally, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require all the countries around the world to achieve the education goal and targets including that of ECE by 2030. We would like to invite researchers and practitioners of different interest and backgrounds to participate in our symposium, keynote address, and oral presentation sessions, and actively discuss the strengths and challenges of ECE in Japan from different perspectives.

  Although Japanese is the conference’s main language, we will also provide information both in English and Chinese to our possible extent, in order to facilitate international academic exchange. The conference homepage is therefore made available in these languages. Likewise, presenters can choose a language of their preference among them in oral presentation, so that there will be Japanese, English, and Chinese sessions. Interpretation services are not available; however, we believe that it could promote active discussions among researchers and practitioners of different countries on ECE in their own countries and elsewhere in the world.

  The conference venue, Saijo, Higashi-hiroshima city, is known as one of the Japan’s three premier sake brewery regions along with Nada and Fushimi. Nearby the Japan Railway Saijo station is located Sake Brewery Street with a beautiful contrast of the white walls of sake breweries with their brick-red chimneys. We hope that the participants will also have opportunities to stroll in the city of quaint atmosphere and taste Japanese alcohol of rich aroma and alluring flavor.

  All members of the conference committee look forward to your proposals for presentation and participation in the coming conference.

Chiaki Miwa, Ph.D.

Conference chair