The 41st Annual Conference of the International Association of Early Childhood Education

Rethinking Strengths and Challenges of Early Childhood Education in Japan

​About submission of abstract

​・First presenters must upload the abstract by 31st July.

・Please note the following:
- The file is set as follows: A4 sheet (portrait), a 20 mm-long margin in each of the top, bottom, left and right, with 40 lines per page. 
- Please make sure that your summary contains the following: research background, research objective, research methods, results, and conclusions.
- Please use the same title as that of your application for presentation.
- Subtitles can be set freely.
- Please do not insert any photo in the summary, in principle. 
- Please use all 4 pages without leaving any blank page. 
- Please do not put page numbers on your document.
- Please submit the file in PDF format, whose size should be smaller than 10MB.

・Please download the format from the icon on the right.​

Submission of abstract (deadline: July 31, 23:59)

We have accepted your abstract.